Maruti Suzuki Rewards Points & Loyalty program

Maruti Suzuki Rewards is a customer loyalty program introduced by Maruti to reward the customers towards their brand and enhance their overall ownership experience. Like any loyalty program, customers can earn points upon specific activities with Maruti Suzuki, these include purchasing new vehicles, after-sales services, participating in campaigns and much more. These rewarded points can also be redeemed later to get various benefits. The list of Maruti Suzuki rewards benefits will be explained in detail below.

How to Enroll in Maruti Suzuki Rewards

You can enroll in Maruti Suzuki Rewards program by simply signing in to their rewards website, they also have a dedicated mobile app called “Maruti Suzuki Rewards” for you to track your points, and reward badges and redeem them as well. While enrolling it just asks for your linked Mobile number followed by OTP for authentication.

Maruti Suzuki rewards benefits

There are so many benefits of using the Maruti Suzuki Rewards program, some of them are

  • Referral Bonus
  • Loyalty Bonus
  • No Tier Downgrade
  • Automatic Points Awarding
  • VIP treatment in Maruti Suzuki Exclusive events
  • Points for every Transaction
  • Win Badges for every interactions
  • It’s a Cardless Program
  • Reach higher tiers on accumulating more points
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Earning Points in Maruti Suzuki Rewards

You can earn more points by performing one or more of the following

  • Doing transactions, every transaction is converted to points, a Maximum of 5 points for every 100 rupees spent, also 1 point equals 1 rupee
  • Servicing your car in authorised Maruti Suzuki Service Centers
  • Buying Extended Warranty
  • Buying Car Accessories
  • By getting Maintenance Cost Plans ( MCP )
  • By Claiming Badges
  • Buying Insurance
  • Referring New Customers

Redeeming Rewards Points for Maruti Suzuki Products and Services

You can redeem these reward points in the following ways

  • On Servicing your car
  • On getting a new car
  • On buying an extended warranty
  • On buying Maintenance cost Plans
  • On buying car accessories
  • On Buying Insurance

How do the Maruti Suzuki Rewards Works?

You spend to get points and interact to accumulate badges, which then push you up in the tier system, reaping even more benefits.

Maruti Suzuki Rewards Works
Maruti Suzuki Rewards Works

Tier System Benefits

The Maruti Suzuki Rewards program has multiple tiers, namely Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, based on the number of reward points earned by the customer. Each tier offers a higher level of benefits and privileges, such as priority service, exclusive offers, and personalized assistance.

Member – Direct Entry
Silver – More than 800 Points
Gold – More than 1800 Points
Platinum – More than 3600 Points

Referral Bonus5007507501000
Loyalty Bonus1000200030004000
Point Validity Period3 Years3 Years5 Years10 Years
No Tier DowngradeYesYesYes
24/7 Roadside AssistanceComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
Exclusive InvitesYesYes
Benefits Tier System Wise

How to Check Maruti Suzuki rewards points

  1. Download the Maruti Suzuki Rewards App from the Play store or app store
  2. Login Using your registered mobile number
  3. Enter the OTP for authentication
  4. Navigate to your Profile Section
  5. Check the Rewards Points Balance in the portal
  6. You can also check for the transaction history to keep track of redeeming the points
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How to redeem maruti suzuki rewards points

  1. Download the Maruti Suzuki Rewards App from the Play store or app store
  2. Login Using your registered mobile number
  3. Enter the OTP for authentication
  4. Choose the service you want to perform, say request for car service or insurance renewal
  5. Then redeem the available points
  6. Enter OTP again to confirm the redemption
  7. Alternatively, You can also ask the executive directly to redeem your points at the Service Center or Showroom when you visit
how to redeem maruti suzuki rewards points
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What is Maruti Suzuki Rewards

Overall, the Maruti Suzuki Rewards program is a way for Maruti Suzuki to show appreciation for its customers and build long-term relationships with them.

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