Maruti Suzuki and Nexa difference, Are they the same?

Maruti Suzuki, India’s leading car manufacturer, has two distinct retail outlets. There’s the traditional Maruti Suzuki showroom, and then there’s the more upscale Nexa. The recent launch of the Brezza, available at the standard Maruti Suzuki dealerships, has brought these differences into sharper focus. Remember the S-Cross and Baleno? Those were Nexa’s babies.

Maruti Suzuki and Nexa major differences

Safety is a big talking point here. Cars from Nexa come with dual front airbags and ABS as standard. In contrast, the regular Maruti Suzuki showrooms offer these as optional features. And yes, some of these cars also come with EBD. Last year, the S-Cross and Baleno rolled out from Nexa, while the Alto 800 and K10 got optional safety features at the regular dealerships. The Brezza? It’s following suit with optional safety features.

Now, let’s talk names. Nexa has its own unique variant names like Sigma and Zeta. The regular Maruti Suzuki cars? They stick to more conventional tags like LX/Di. But what really sets Nexa and Maruti Suzuki Arena apart? Well, while both sell Maruti Suzuki cars, they cater to different audiences. The Arena is all about variety, offering popular models like the Swift and WagonR. It’s designed for the masses, ensuring quality without breaking the bank. Nexa? It’s the premium cousin. Think Baleno ,Fronx and Grand Vitara. It’s all about luxury, personalized service, and a touch of class.

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Feature/AspectMaruti Suzuki ArenaNexa
Target AudienceMasses, often first-time car buyersPremium segment, not first-time buyers
Safety FeaturesOptional dual front airbags, ABS with EBD for some modelsStandard dual front airbags, ABS
Variant NamesConventional tags like LX/DiUnique names like Sigma, Zeta
Showroom ExperienceProduct-focusedPremium, with digital experiences
InteractionsInformal chats with salespeopleMore business-like, formal
App FeaturesNot mentionedTrack car history, book services, etc.
Service CentersHas its ownDepends on Maruti dealerships
Spare Part CostsGenerally cheaperComparatively more expensive
Number of DealershipsMore than NexaFewer in comparison
Popular ModelsSwift, Brezza, WagonR, Dzire, ErtigaBaleno, Fronx, Grand Vitara, Ignis,Jimny
AmbianceCustomer-friendly, modern interiorsLuxurious, personalized attention
Maruti Suzuki and Nexa differences
Maruti Suzuki and Nexa differences

Cars sold under Maruti Suzuki Arena

SegmentMaruti Arena
HatchbackAlto, S-Presso, Celerio, Wagon R, Swift
VanEeco, Omni
Pickup TruckSuper Carry
Cars Sold under Nexa
Premium HatchbackBaleno, Fronx
Compact SUVIgnis
SUVGrand Vitara
Off-Road SUVJimny
6-Seater MPVXL6
Pickup Truck

Interestingly, Nexa customers are typically not first-time car buyers. They’re looking for something unique, a step above the rest. They want the red-carpet treatment and quick decisions. Arena customers, on the other hand, are often buying their first car. They’re meticulous, wanting to explore every option and get the best bang for their buck. They prefer a more relaxed, informal chat with the salesperson, while Nexa interactions tend to be more business-like.

And then there’s the showroom experience. Nexa showrooms are swanky, offering digital experiences like tablet displays of cars. They even have a fancy app for customers to track their car’s history, book services, and more. Maruti Arena? It’s more about the range of products. And while there are more Maruti dealerships than Nexa outlets, Maruti services are generally more wallet-friendly. Spare parts at Maruti are also cheaper. And here’s a fun fact: Nexa doesn’t have its own service centers yet. They rely on Maruti dealerships for that.