RE Himalayan 450 Accessories Price Reveal

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 has recently taken over the mantle from the older Himalayan 411 and now the price of its accessories has been revealed. The Himalayan 411`was a popular choice among adventurers and enthusiasts and with a brand new and Powerful Sherpa 450 engine and a sleek profile, it’s hard to hate this new ADV bike, especially at the introductory price of Rs 2.69 lakh.

RE himalayan 450 accessories

Price Reveal of the Accessories of Himalayan 450

The accessories range of the Himalayan 450 is diverse and extensive, starting from a rally handlebar costing Rs 950 to top box panniers which cost Rs 32,950. There are also engine oil filler caps costing Rs 1,050. Waterproof inner bags are also on offer and will cost you Rs 2,750 a pair.


Royal Enfield also sells a wide array of luggage accessories as well as mounts for touring since that’s what Himalayan 450’s speciality. The top box is available in Rs 23,250 and is available in both Silver & black. The Top box mount costs Rs 2,450 and the pannier rails cost Rs 3,950. Fortunately, the Top box comes with a padded backrest as standard for the pillion, so you don’t need to install it aftermarket.


Just like mentioned above, the panniers are available in both silver and black and the price tag of Rs 32,950 makes it the most expensive accessory on the brochure. A taller touring screen is also available at Rs 3,450 along with touring mirrors at Rs 6,850. Accessory seats for both rider and pillion are also available and priced at Rs 4,450 and Rs 3,950 respectively.

Himalayan accessories

Obviously, no one wants to get scratches on their beloved machines, so Royal Enfield is also selling crash production accessories. A set of large engine guards is available at Rs 4,750 while the rally protection kit comes with a price tag of Rs 9,950 and consists of engine guards and a beefy metal sump guard. Do note that the Rally pack cannot be bought separately and comes as an option at the time of purchase through the brand’s MIY configurator. There’s also a radiator guard and headlight grille which costs Rs 1,950 and Rs 3,950 respectively.

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