New Kinetic E-Luna Launched at Rs 70K

Kinetic finally launched the E-Luna at an introductory price of Rs 69,990 which basically rounds off to Rs 70K. The moped which originally used a 50cc Honda motor was once the most popular two-wheeler for decades in the Indian market from the 70s to the 90s. Its market share in the moped segment was at 95% and it even used to register sales of 2,000 units per day during its prime time. Sadly, Luna couldn’t keep up with the entry of more robust and fuel-efficient two-wheelers in the market and left.

We previously reported about the comeback of the E-Luna in our list of upcoming Electric scooters in India in October 2023.

Kinetic E Luna launched

Kinetic E-Luna Launched – Same Same but Different?

After vanishing for almost two decades, the Luna is back in business in an electric format and still follows the same basic principles – Affordability, Performance and reliability. That is why the E-Luna maintains the same practical and minimalistic design as the OG Petrol-Powered Luna. The moped has 16-inch wheels and 170mm ground clearance along with features such as a digital screen.

The E-Luna is also expected to have good acceleration, nimble footing and other USPs and abilities similar to the ICE Luna including the ability to carry two adults, heavy loads and tackle inclines with ease.

Kinetic E Luna Front

Powering the Kinetic E-Luna is a 2 kWh battery pack which produces a peak torque of 22 Nm. The claimed range of the moped is an impressive 110 km on a single charge with top speeds reaching 50 kmph. Overall, the E-Luna ensures an eco-friendly urban commuting. The batteries are both fixed and swappable and the claimed charging time is 4 hours, which is good enough given the price.

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The Kinetic E-Luna is targeted towards the B2B segment and the company even breaks down the cost to operate the moped. The monthly expense has been calculated to Rs 2,500 monthly, with Rs 2,000 as EMI and Rs 300 for electricity per month, when and if bought on the 36-month financing plan.

E Luna front and rear

The “Chal meri Luna” will be revived and brought back to market by KEL’s sister company Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions Ltd which has already developed the chassis and other major parts such as the main stand, side stand and swing arm.

KEL has also set up a brand new assembly line to manufacture the E-Luna at the Ahmednagar plant. It has a total of 30 machines and a production capacity of 5,000 units per month with space to ramp up the numbers later, based on demand.

Considering the price of Rs 70,000, the E-Luna feels like a good deal, especially with USPs like the range and if it’s really similar to its ICE predecessor in capabilities, the moped will be one of the best in the market for business purposes.