Honda’s most fun $995 scooter – Motocompacto

Honda Motocompacto

This new Honda electric scooter is so fun and compact, it’s almost the same weight as a cylinder and it will ensure a smile on your face. Presenting the new Activa-E. I am just kidding; this small electric pocket rocket is called the Honda Motocompacto.

The Motocompacto weighs almost 19 kg, has a top speed of 24kph, and is compact.

What Role Does the Motocompacto Play in Honda’s Scooter-Only Plant Expansion?

Honda’s expansion efforts into the scooter-only plant are vital for the Motocompacto’s role. This compact, energy-efficient scooter engine is a key player in Honda’s expansion efforts. The Motocompacto allows for increased production capacity while maintaining high environmental standards, aligning with Honda’s expansion efforts for sustainability and growth.

Honda Motocompacto – Suitcase or a vehicle?

When I say compact, I mean “you can put it even in the backseat of your car” compact. Now just like I mentioned before it’s 19kg and that’s not lightweight, but having a small suitcase-like form factor means it’s easy to carry around in a car. When unfolded, it offers a seat, handlebar, and footpegs. It even has a side-stand, as well as lighting effects in front and back. Oh, and the reason I am calling it a suitcase is because it has a carrying handle.

Now it’s not exactly a new innovation by Honda. This small guy is the grandson of the OG Honda Motocompo, which was also a mini-scooter designed to fit in the boot space of the 1981 Honda City Hatch.

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The Motocompacto once charged can last around an impressive 3.5 hours.

No, I won’t cover the performance part. Just because it’s a Honda doesn’t mean it has some sort of electric V-TEC in it. I mean it’s small, cute, and has enough speed and charge for you to make a small roam around your city or uni campus. Its purpose is that and trust me, It’s a head-turner due to its unique form-factor.

This particular little guy has been developed by engineers in the USA and is currently on sale there for a price of $995, which again isn’t cheap but it’s one of the best chances you got for becoming the coolest kid in the block.