Bajaj to launch Pulsar NS 400 in 2024

Bajaj Pulsar NS 400 along with six new pulsars currently in development that will be launched by mid-2024. Rajiv Bajaj while announcing the six bike upgrades/launches hinted at the “Biggest pulsar ever” which will reportedly get a 400cc engine, as reported by several media reports.

The other 6 bikes include the new N150 which has been recently launched to replace the P150.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 400 Render

Bajaj Pulsar NS 400 – What do we know?

There aren’t specifications or details regarding the bike yet, but it will be based on the modified chassis of the NS 200 to support the larger engine. The overall design is also expected to be a little bit bulkier than the NS 200, considering it will be a 400cc streetfighter.

Pulsar NS 400 to be built on the Pulsar 200 chassis
Pulsar NS 400 to be built on the Pulsar 200 chassis

But also taking into the fact that the current NS 200 chassis can handle more than the bike’s 25 hp output, it may retain a similar size, which is fine and give the NS 400 an edge when it comes to weight.  

Bajaj Pulsar NS 400 – What engine will it get?

Bajaj NS 400 Pulsar might get either the Dominar or the KTM engine

The Pulsar NS 400 might come with a modified version of the Dominar engine which is a very capable engine that produces almost 40 hp, the same as the one in the Triumph Speed 400, although the former is a bit less in capacity than the latter. The NS 400 may also use a modified version of the third-gen Duke considering its success and Bajaj has a partnership with KTM. However, Bajaj using the Triumph engine is highly unlikely due to the fact that the brand’s spokespeople have already said that Bajaj has no claim on the tech that comes from their partnership.

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Bajaj Pulsar NS 400 – Launch, Rivals and Pricing

There’s no launch date confirmed for the upcoming Bajaj’s Streetfighter but it’s expected to debut by mid of 2024. Once launched the Pulsar NS 400 will take on the likes of the newly launched Apache RTR 310. Now, Apache really outdid any Indian brands in the design and performance department with this particular motorcycle, which has a futuristic and aggressive look.

Bajaj NS 400s future competitor

The Apache’s big success and the rising popularity of the 400cc category bikes in India must be the reason Bajaj took the decision to launch the NS 400 and not fall behind like what happened with their F250 before. Speaking of the F250, it’s currently the biggest pulsar to date, so jumping straight from the 150-250cc to 400cc category is a huge step for Bajaj.

Bajaj should also be given props to not just launch a facelifted Dominar 400 (What they have been doing with their Avenger line-up for years now) which although is a good bike doesn’t really stand out in the market anymore. Meanwhile, the Pulsar has been the brand’s face and pride for years now both in the Indian and global market, so it’s only fair the Pulsar gets a shot at this.

Pricing-wise the bike is expected to be priced similar to or more to that of the Apache RTR 310, or even get a lesser price tag to give fierce competition.