Bajaj N150 is here, Good but nothing new

Bajaj N150 is finally launched as a replacement for the P150, but there is nothing new it offers. In the 150cc segment, Bajaj had the Pulsar 150 and the P150 and while the former has been one of the most iconic bikes in the country, the latter suffered to sell in good numbers.

Bajaj Pulsar N150

Bajaj N150: What it offers?

The N150 and N160 are the same except for the engine difference. Compared to the P150, the N150 has a fatter rear tyre and a slightly more powerful 14.5 hp producing, air-cooled engine as well. The bike is currently available in one variant which features a front disc and rear drum brakes setup with a single-channel ABS.

The bike is currently available in 3 colours: Racing Red, Ebony Black and Metallic Pearl White.

Bajaj Pulsar N150 Design

Bajaj N150: Why did the P150 fail?

The brand has been known as the one who revolutionized the sports bike category in India. The pulsars since their inception have been muscular and sporty. But things took a turn with the Pulsar P150, which had a slim profile which looked like a new Discover. So, the audience didn’t like it and the P150 bit the dust.

Pulsar P150

Bajaj N150: Why the “Pulsar” mania might be fading away?

Now, the problem with Bajaj is that once they introduce a bike and it sells well, they stick to the same design language for generations. That’s not bad, but they are still milking out from the OG NS and Pulsar design, even after receiving criticisms from the buyers. I am not counting the RS 200 here since it’s the only faired bike in the pulsar line-up.

Pulsar Mania

Things changed a bit when Bajaj launched the N160, which had a refreshing headlamp design and it looks very cool and aggressive. So, naturally, people started buying the N160 which also had aggressive pricing.

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Now, instead of making a fresh start with the ‘P’ series or introducing a new design, Bajaj introduced the N150 which has a similar headlamp as the N160, as well as the overall design.

This made the people go for other brands like TVS or Hero, who nowadays are offering bikes with better design and other elements than the Pulsar series.

What I mean to say is, that Pulsar might not be the same innovative sporty line-up of Bajaj anymore as it was when it launched back in 2001.

Bajaj N150: Pricing and Why this bike makes sense?

The N150 will have a pricing more or less equal to the P150.

Even though Bajaj N150 might garner more attention thanks to its shared looks with the N160 and aggressive pricing, it would have been better if Bajaj took some and introduced a new sporty commuter, because the brand was the one who introduced this segment to us. But it’s understandable since the competition is high Bajaj has to go with the flow as well and cannot launch whatever it can in the market, since in the lower segments like the 100-150cc category, it’s all about competition and very little innovation anymore.