10th India Bike Week to be held in December

All bikers assemble! The country’s largest biking festival, India Bike Week, will be taking place on December 8 and 9. This event marks the 10th year of the festival and will be held in Goa. Aside from the 2021 event which was held in Aamby Valley due to COVID, the festival has always taken place in Goa.

India Bike Week

There will be loads of events and activities at the festival such as live music performances, seminars, workshops, amateur races, a wide range of shopping stalls, and planned rides across Goa. The pre-festival will also see “Chai Pakoda” rides across the country to bring like-minded people motorcyclists and enthusiasts together over short breakfast rides. These rides will be held on Sundays in 20 cities from the month of September itself.

Speaking on the festival, the CEO and founder of the organizing entity Seventy EMG, Martin da Costa said he’s delighted to partner with Guld Oil for the 10-year anniversary of the India Bike Week in Goa. He further states that over the past decade, India Bike Week has played a vital role in the rapid growth of motorcycling culture in the country. Tens of thousands of riders from all over India come together to celebrate the comradeship, fun, adventure, travel, independence, and meeting like-minded souls. Mr. Martin is positive that the 10th edition of India Bike Week will be the most epic edition to date, with its huge list of events including ride-outs, chai pakoda rides, a music festival, etc.

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