Maruti Suzuki Fortuner imagined as “UnFortuner” Launch Expected?

Maruti Suzuki badged Toyota Fortuner is imagined as Unfortuner and renders have been going viral on the internet. Unfortuner is not the official name though, but netizens have picked it up and started sharing the renders across social media. However, rumours suggest that Maruti Suzuki Fortuner is well within plans and we can expect to launch soon.

Maruti Suzuki and Toyota Partnership

We all are aware of the cross-badging strategic partnership between Maruti Suzuki and Toyota in India. This partnership has worked really well with so many successful models, Here is the list of Cars under Maruti Suzuki and Toyota tie-ups and the equivalent models under each brand.

Vitara BrezzaUrban Cruiser
Grand VitaraUrban Cruiser Hyryder
Maruti invictoInnova hycross

After the recent of Success of Grand Vitara and Invicto, Maruti is keen on badging the legendary Fortuner of Toyota. Maruti Suzuki’s Fortuner is expected to launch in Q3 2023, however, there is no official word from the company.

UnFortuner – Maruti Suzuki Fortuner

So, here’s a tidbit that might just tickle your fancy. Picture this: a Toyota Fortuner, but with a Suzuki badge. Sounds a bit outlandish, right? Well, someone’s gone ahead and done just that, dubbing it the ‘Unfotuner’. A playful jibe at the iconic Fortuner, I must say!

UnFortuner Maruti Suzuki Fortuner
UnFortuner Maruti Suzuki Fortuner

Now, for those of you who’ve been living under a rock, the Fortuner has long been the kingpin among 7-seaters, particularly after the grand departure of the mighty Ford Endeavour. That departure, mind you, created a space that only the Fortuner seemed apt to occupy. Toyota, ever the astute player, introduced several versions of this magnificent creature.

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But here’s the twist in the tale. Given the recent trend of Toyota and Suzuki’s “badge exchange” antics, a certain creative soul pondered, “What if Suzuki had a go at the Fortuner?” And just like that, the idea took flight.

YouTube video

The genius behind this captivating rendition? The folks at Bagrawala Designs, who unveiled this wonder on YouTube. The clip begins rather unassumingly, zooming in on a Suzuki badge, both at the front and the rear. Yet, as the camera zooms out – lo and behold! The iconic shape of the Toyota Fortuner stands tall, leaving viewers utterly flabbergasted. It’s a charming spin, reminiscent of real-world rebranding episodes like the Baleno-Glanza and Brezza-Urban Cruiser saga.