Maruti Suzuki Dominates Indian SUV Market: Outsells Mahindra, Hyundai, and Tata

For the first half of 2023, Mahindra was the big kahuna in the SUV sales department in India. But guess who swooped in and stole the limelight in July? Yep, Maruti Suzuki. Now, I’ve seen Maruti dominate the scene for years, but this? This is a new ball game.

Maruti Suzuki – The Market Leader

Maruti, the behemoth of Indian car manufacturing, clocked in sales of a whopping 1.81 lakh units just in July 2023. And what’s the secret sauce behind this? Well, it’s their recent launches – Brezza, Grand Vitara, Jimny, and Fronx. These bad boys have truly changed the game for Maruti, giving them a solid 25% market share in the SUV segment. That’s right – they’ve left the likes of Mahindra, Hyundai, and Tata Motors eating their dust.

Now, let’s rewind a bit. Just a year ago, Maruti Suzuki wasn’t even a blip on the SUV radar. But their recent strategies? Pure gold. In July 2023 alone, they sold 46,510 UVs, capturing over 25% of the market. In comparison, Mahindra managed 35,845 units (21% share) and Hyundai 32,991 units (19% share). Tata Motors? They trailed with 28,147 SUVs, holding a 16% market share. But here’s a twist – if we’re talking old-school, ladder frame chassis SUVs, Mahindra still reigns supreme with 28,486 units.

Maruti Suzuki Dominates Indian SUV Market 1

India’s favourite car Segement

Now, I’ve noticed a trend – the Indian market is slowly moving away from small hatchbacks. Maruti’s Mini segment, which includes the Alto and S-Presso, only managed 9,590 units. Remember when Alto was the king of sales in India? Times are changing, my friends. Their ‘Compact’ segment, which includes cars like Baleno, Celerio, and Swift, sold 67,102 units. But the real MVP? The UV segment, with cars like Brezza, Ertiga, and Jimny, which sold a staggering 62,049 units. And I think their introduction of AWD setups, CNG options, and hybrid powertrains might just be their winning formula.

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Now, here’s a fun fact: In 2023, SUVs held a market share of between 40% and 50%. And in July? It peaked at 50%! Hatchbacks, on the other hand, dipped to 28%. And when we talk about proper SUVs versus crossovers, the numbers heavily favor the latter. In July 2023, 1,39,018 units of monocoque SUVs were sold, while ladder-frame SUVs only managed 31,866 units.

Maruti Brezza Sales in July

Maruti’s Brezza was the star of the show in July, with sales of 16,453 units. The Fronx wasn’t far behind, with 13,220 units. And let’s not forget the contributions of the Grand Vitara, Jimny, and Invicto, which helped Maruti reach that impressive total of 46,510 SUVs.

Mahindra, Hyundai and Tata’s SUV Sales

Mahindra, with its rugged charm, showcased a diverse range in July. The Scorpio/N was their bestseller, with 10,522 units. The Bolero, XUV700, and Thar also made their mark, helping Mahindra reach a total of 35,845 units.

Hyundai, with its urban elegance, had the Creta leading the pack with 14,062 units. The Venue, Exter, and Alcazar also played their part, contributing to Hyundai’s total of 32,931 units.

And then there’s Tata Motors, the Indian stalwart. Their Nexon and Punch models led the charge, with 12,349 and 12,019 units respectively. The Harrier and Safari also pitched in, helping Tata reach a total of 28,147 units.