Mahindra’s Global Pik Up: The Scorpio N-Inspired Pickup Set to Rev Up 2025

Mahindra’s just pulled the covers off their Scorpio N-inspired pickup concept. They’ve christened it the “Global Pik Up”. Catchy, right? Word on the street is, this baby’s going to hit the production line and make its grand entrance in 2025.

Mahindra Scorpio N pickup truck concept

Now, here’s a fun tidbit: Mahindra decided to showcase this beauty during their annual Independence Day bash, which, interestingly, took place in South Africa this year. If you’ve been following the brand, you’d know the Pik Up name isn’t new. It’s what they’ve been calling their Scorpio Classic-based truck in several overseas markets.

I remember hearing whispers about this concept turning into a real-life pickup, codenamed Z121. And guess what? Mahindra’s confirmed it! They’re boasting about a ‘next-gen ladder-frame’ that’s supposedly going to ace the Global NCAP and Euro NCAP tests. Impressive, if you ask me.

Mahindras Global Pik Up
Mahindras Global Pik Up

Mahindra Pik Up truck Design

Now, let’s talk design. Crafted at the Mahindra India Design Studio, this concept’s got some wild touches. But, one glance at the front, and bam! The Scorpio N vibes hit you. The headlights, bonnet, and fenders? Uncanny resemblance. But they’ve jazzed it up with a new bumper, a bold grille, and even a snorkel for those adventurous water crossings. Oh, and did I mention the roof rack with that snazzy LED light bar?

From the side, the Scorpio N influence is still strong. The doors have this cladding that’s a tad more aggressive. And the double-cab? It’s got this unique design for the load bed. I’ve got a hunch the wheelbase might be around 2850mm, reminiscent of the four-door Thar.

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The back’s got some flair too. The ‘Mahindra’ embossing on the tailgate caught my eye, and those pixel-like tail-lights? They seemed familiar from some teasers I’d seen.

Mahindra Pick Up truck Features

As for the features, well, it’s 2023 and this concept’s from the future! Mahindra’s promising a bunch, like Level-2 ADAS, semi-auto parking, and even 5G connectivity. And, oh boy, a sunroof! Plus, there’s this Trailer Sway Mitigation thing that sounds pretty nifty.

Under the hood, they’re talking about a Gen-II mHawk diesel engine, paired with either a 6-speed manual or an Aisin 6-speed auto. And for those off-road junkies, it’s got 4WD and a bunch of drive modes.

Considering its target markets – South Africa, Australia, and India – the diesel engine makes sense. But in places where petrol’s the rage, they’re planning to offer a petrol variant by 2025.

Mahindra’s Global Ambition

Lastly, unveiling the Global Pik Up in South Africa? Genius move. Mahindra’s making waves there, and with this launch, they’re shouting their global ambitions from the rooftops. And while India will get its share, it’s places like Australia, where they call pickups “utes”, that’ll see its true potential.

Phew! That was a lot to unpack. But hey, that’s the world of automobiles for you – always revving up with something new!

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