Upcoming RE Himalayan 452 Specs leaked, the powerful off-roader

The RE Himalayan 450 is expected to be called the RE Himalayan 452 officially and will debut very soon. Before its launch, some of the specs of this bike surfaced online.

RE Himalayan 452

RE Himalayan 452: 411’s true successor

Let’s start with the name first. The Himalayan 452 is the more powerful younger sibling of the Himalayan 450. In a government homologation document, the bike’s name is the Himalayan 452. Now why this name? Maybe, because the name is taken from the fact that it gets a new 451.65cc engine.

RE Himalayan 452 Ofccial document
RE Himalayan 452 (Official document)

Now the Himalayan 411’s engine produces 24.3hp at 6500 RPM, but the new Himalayan 452’s engine will produce a peak of 40hp and the engine will likely be based on the traditional SOHC architecture.

Fun fact, the Triumph Speed 400 also has a similar power output at 8000 RPM and is very strong at the mid-range. So, we can expect the upcoming ADV bike to have a strong initial torque since it’s an off-roading machine.

RE Himalayan 452: Bigger than it’s older brother

Looks wise the Himalayan 452 will have a bigger, mature and rugged look than the current 411cc ADV and will come with features like a round LED headlight with LED blinkers and tail lights. They will be a new single-pod all-digital instrument cluster that will likely come with smartphone connectivity for navigation systems, notifications and more. The bike will also come with a USD fork. One of the many things RE should make sure of this time is to give this bike a stronger chassis than the current 411, which was initially released with a lot of frame issues.

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According to the government document, The Himalayan will also have a wheelbase of 1510mm, a width of 852mm and a length of 2245mm, which is 45 mm bigger, 12 mm wider and 55 mm longer than the 411. So, it will be interesting to see how Royal Enfield manages to keep the weight of the new 452 in check since the current one already weighs 199 kg.

The RE Himalayan 452 will be officially revealed in November and the pricing will likely be revealed at that time itself. The bike will be followed by the Shotgun 650, a powerful roadster.