Say Goodbye to Yamaha R1 in 2025

Yamaha R1, the iconic monster of a sports bike and the dream motorcycle of many (including me) is going offline after EU5+ emission standards hit in 2025. This will likely shock thousands in the motorbike community and would break most of their hearts, but this is a not-so-surprising move by the Japanese bikemaker, considering it’s a common practice by bike manufacturers to discontinue their litre-class two-wheelers.

Yamaha R1

Suzuki is the first mover among the big 4 who discontinued their GSX-R1000R and Yamaha followed it, also confirming the lack of any further litre-class superbikes from the brand at all.

Somehow this move from Yamaha to discontinue its R1 and R1 M litre-class motorcycles and not coming up with their EU5+ variants makes sense when you see it from the brand’s perspective. And this is not just Yamaha or Suzuki, this is a trend that most manufacturers are following.

Most manufacturers are pulling their plugs from premium superbikes, which are sold in low numbers but cost a lot more, since they are not really profitable, but rather cost them a fortune. That is why most brands are focussing on mid-tier offerings which are more appealing to the masses and help them generate more revenue.

But there’s a high chance Yamaha might retain the R1 and R1 M even after EU5+ emission norms are implemented, by making these models track only since emission standards don’t apply to track machines. But these machines would miss out on a number of road legal elements such as headlights, indicators, and number plates, and instead get more aerodynamic curves and lighter weight.

Yamaha R1 engine

Previously Yamaha took this track-spec route with the R6 when it was discontinued, and with the R1 becoming history the upcoming R9 will likely take its place as the brand’s new flagship offering. In India, Yamaha discontinued the R1 long ago, so it’s better not to expect it anymore in our market.

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But there’s time left, and the brand will continue to manufacture the R1 till 2025, so grab one from the showrooms while you still can.