2024 BMW M 1000 R launched in India

With the MotoGP Bharat craze still on the air, the BMW M 1000 R makes it to Indian shores, which gets its name from BMW’s M division of go-faster machines. The M 1000 R can be preordered at all the BMW Motorrad showrooms across India and deliveries will commence in January 2024.

BMW M 1000 R
BMW M 1000 R

BMW M 1000 R – M stands for Monsterous

Let me tell you this naked bike is an absolute Monster (That’s what the M stands for according to me), and is the most powerful naked production bike on sale and is second only to the M 1000 RR, which was the safety bike in Indian GP.

The Motorbike or superbike uses a 999 CC incline four from the S 1000 RR and churns out a massive 212 hp at 14,500 RPM and a torque of 113 Nm. The naked version of the latter, the S 1000 R had a 165 hp engine while the BMW M 1000 R replaced it with a superbike motor that also brought in BMW’s Shiftcam variable Valve timing technology.

BMW M 1000 R Engine
BMW M 1000 R Engine

While the power from the engine makes it the segment leader, the torque however falls a bit short when compared to Ducati Streetfighter V4’s 123 Nm. According to BMW, the bike can do the 0-100 kph sprint in only 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 280 kph which is very impressive for a naked superbike, and that also means whiplash due to lack of fairings and windshield, just kidding.

Well, talking about its design, the front fenders are designed for air intake onto the brake callipers and rotors. The bike gets a set of large wings in front and unique paint schemes. BMW claims that the wings improve downforce both when the bike is upright or leaned over.

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The BMW M 1000 R starts from Rs 33 lakh and is almost a lakh cheaper than the Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP2 which is priced at Rs 34.99 lakh. Now if you are willing to pay almost 5 lakhs more, you can get the M competition pack which brings in Carbon fibre wheels, adjustable foot pegs, multiple carbon fibre and billets aluminium parts and more.

BMW M 1000 R M competition package

Now the bike’s standard variant may seem value for money also considering the fact that it is Rs 16 lakhs cheaper than its full-faired version, the BMW M 1000 RR, it is also important to note that the bike is almost 10 lakhs more expensive than the top Pro M sport variant of the S 1000 R.

BMW is seemingly quite interested in India, considering the newly launched BMW iX1 EV sold out within hours after launch and the increasing popularity high powered bikes in the country.