New Toyota IMV 0 concept Tokyo debut soon

Tokyo Motor Show 2023 will have a lot of EVs and concepts on display and that also includes the Toyota IMV 0 concept. Judging from the picture that was released by the brand, this concept SUV seems similar to the Toyota Rangga, another concept that was shown in Indonesia recently. This IMV 0, will however be one of the cooler concepts in the show and is expected to debut next year in its production-ready form.

Toyota IMV 0 concept

Toyota IMV 0 concept details

The IMV stands for Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle which is a highly adaptive pickup truck that carries the spirit of the FJ40 Land Cruiser and apparently lets owners be a part of the process of creating mobility.

In the Tokyo Motor Show, the concept will be showcased with a range of bodystyles such as a mountain-rescue ambulance, s street-food stall, an off-roader and a safari-ready motorhome.

Toyota IMV 0 concept

This concept is based on the ladder-frame IMV platform which underpines other Toyota models which are sold in India like the Hilux and Innova Crysta. To manage the cost, the company will be using the IMV for all its rugged models despite introducing the modular TNGA-F ladder-frame architecture.

Though a pickup truck, the IMV 0 appears to be much smaller than the likes of Hilux and is boxy but cute, kind of like how Kei cars are. The reason according to Toyota is that the retro-style design allows room for faster development of new and affordable models for markets. The concept’s dimensions are yet to be revealed.

TOyota IMV 0 concept Capsule

Features that can be seen in the pickup’s images are the rugged tires, extended cab, off-road bumper with an LED bar and a roof rack for carrying gear and these blend quite well with the overall cute body style of the truck.

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Powertrain details of the IMV 0 concept haven’t been revealed yet, but it might get an RWD setup based on the platform it uses. But it is also expected to get an AWD which will make it a true modern take on the Land Cruiser.

Toyota IMV concept

Now this pickup truck concept is definitely worth making its debut in the streets, but will such a pickup concept work in India? Maybe if Toyota really makes it affordable, which in India will be highly unlikely. Also, in India, bigger SUVs are generally preferred, but given the success of the Jimny here, this pickup concept might just click, if launched here.

This 2023 Tokyo Motor Show will also showcase many other exciting Concepts such as the Kia EV2 Concept and Suzuki eWX concept.