New Kia EV2 hatchback to debut by 2026

Kia EV2 city hatchback is currently in the works, as confirmed by the brand at its first EV day event in Seoul, South Korea. This entry-level hatch will leave the factory walls in 2026, followed by the EV3 compact SUV, EV4 saloon and EV5 family SUV, which you expect to see in the market in the next 3 years.

Maruti Suzuki will also debut a slew of EVs including the eVX SUV and the eWX concept EV in the Tokyo Motor Show. The eWX concept is also a small city hatchback, popularly known as a Kei car in Japan.

Kia EV2 hatch

Kia EV2 – Platform

The Kia EV2 will join the EV6 and EV9 in Kia’s global line-up of electric cars using Hyundai Motor Group’s E-GMP platform. Other upcoming models such as EV3, EV4, and EV5 will also be using the same platform alongside the EV2.  

These cars will be crucial for the firm’s goal of reaching 1.6 million EV sales by 2030.

Back to the EV2, the hatchback will be the smallest Kia EV to debut and is likely to be a small B-segment machine, considering its European focus and name. But given the popularity of SUVs and Kia’s focus on its SUV EV lineup, this car will likely have some crossover cues.

All Kia EVs in the event 1

As stated earlier, the car will be designed with the European market in mind and its production will be carried out at Kia’s plant in Slovakia.

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That being said, other models like the EV3 will have their production-spec launched by next year, while the EV5 and EV4 will make their debut in 2025 and 2026 respectively.

Kia EV2 – Powertrain

The EV2 will be built on the same E-GMP platform as the other Kia EV models, meaning the upcoming EV might be equipped with single and twin motor options, although the latter feels a bit of a false hope considering the car will be more city-focused and compact in shape. No information has been shared by Kia yet so it’s all just a speculation.

KIA EV2 backside

The EV2 will also likely get the new version of the E-GMP modular architecture that runs at 400V and is used by other upcoming EVs like the EV3, EV4, and EV5. This will keep the costs down but will miss out on features of ultra-fast charging, although it won’t need it much as a city hatchback.

Kia EV2 – A new version of a new car

The Kia EV2 will interestingly also get a GT version and according to Kia, the brand would offer a performance-oriented GT variant model for every model in the EV lineup. The reason for the GT variant is to cater to the popularity of the performance cars among European buyers.

Kia EV2 – Lineup in India

Kia currently sells the EV6 here and the EV9 flagship is due in 2024, also a mass-market EV model will likely go on sale by 2025 in India. While the EV2 will hit the global market first and has been designed with Europe in mind, we can expect the hatch to come to India with a few modifications.

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Apart from this, the new Kia Sonet facelift and Kia carnival facelift test mules have been spied on and will be expected to hit the market by 2024.