New Rivian R3 and R3X EVs Revealed

Califonian EV manufacturer Rivian debuted several new models for the International markets which include the all-new R3 and R3X Compact SUVs, alongside the new R2 Midsize SUV. The R3 and R3X are based on the same platform as the R2, which is all set to join the portfolio by 2027.

Rivian R3 and R3X reveal

The R3 features Rivian’s signature and unique design which includes a sleek and minimalistic body with boxy proportions. The EV features a full-width lightbar at the front with capsule-shaped headlights and prominent wheel arches. The rear also features a full-width lightbar connecting the tail lights and an integrated spoiler. The rear hatch is a two-piece unit with the upper windscreen able to operate independently, providing practicality in case you need to store long items like rods or surfboards.

Rivian R3 interior

From the Inside, both R3 and R3X get the typical Rivian’s minimalist cabin with a pair of displays on the dashboard and minimal physical buttons. There’s a good amount of storage in the lower section of the centre console while the central touchscreen seems to have most of the in-car controls. Similar to the R2, the R3 will also get the autonomous driving function which uses up to 11 cameras and 5 radars, supported by a powerful processor. The R3 will also be offered with NACS charging as standard and for CCS charging, an adapter is required.

While the R3 is more urban-oriented, the R3X promises an optimal off-roading experience with a tri-motor AWD setup, wider tyres, higher ground clearance and other distinctive elements like more rugged wheel design and the teal paint.

Rivian R3X Side 1

Talking about powertrains, the R3 is expected to get similar drivetrain options as the R2 since they are both based on the base R2, which has capabilities like over 480 km range and rapid charging. So, you can expect a choice between RWD and AWD configs, whichever suits your needs. Furthermore, as confirmed by Rivian, the R3 will be provided with a pair of battery packs and will have an optimal performance of hitting 98 kmph in under 3 seconds.

Rivian R3 Rear

Again a reminder for those who might make fun of these EVs as a Maruti 800 EV concept or a customized one, please don’t because the R3 is a Compact SUV which is much larger with more capabilities than the Iconic 800, although we would love to see an 800 concept like this in the near future, or check out the Honda e which is the closest we have to an 800 EV right now. We also would love to see Rivian coming to the Indian market in the near future, since the EV is witnessing rapid growth currently and will continue to grow.

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