Hyundai Mobion Concept has a unique ability

The new Hyundai Mobion was recently showcased at CES 2024 as an EV Concept by Hyundai based on the Ioniq 5 EV which has the unique ability to crabwalk. Developed in collaboration with its parts group, Hyundai Mobis, this concept features an e-corner system that helps it turn all 4 wheels independently and move just like a crab.

Hyundai Mobion Crabwalk

What makes Hyundai Mobion Concept’s Crabwalk special?

Now, this crabwalk feature seems quite similar to the one the Hummer EV is equipped with, however, this is not the case. The Mobion Concept’s wheels can rotate 90 degrees, thus enabling the car to move laterally when parking, eliminating almost all the hassle when parking between 2 cars.

Hyundai Mobion Front

Apart from that, the Mobion’s unique system isn’t as simple as it looks. In fact, it’s more complex than the 4-wheel “Tank” feature of the G-Wagon EV. In Hyundai Mobion, each wheel has its own self-enclosed powertrain which includes an independent electric motor, braking, suspension and braking. Hyundai Mobis calls this feature “In-wheel Tech”.

This Complex System of the Mobion Concept lets it perform various movements such as driving sideways, pivot turns and even near-perfect donuts as if you are using a compass to draw it, sounds cool right? Hyundai Mobis has also said that they have been working on this system for a while now and an upgraded version is on its way.

Aside from this cool unique tech, Mobion also gets a different exterior lighting system which is designed to alert other drivers of situations such as people crossing or alerting others by projecting images onto the ground of the car’s intended direction.

Other Features of The Mobion

Remember the Hyundai Mobion is just a concept for now, so do not expect any of the futuristic tech to go into production anytime soon, however, a watered version of these might make it into the upcoming Hyundai vehicles.

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Check out this pretty cool video by Hyundai Mobis that showcases the features of the Mobion Concept in action.

YouTube video