Volkswagen ID.GTI concept, a powerful time machine

Though just a concept for now, Volkswagen plans to release the hot hatchback at a future date. The ID.GTI is a futuristic take on the iconic GTIs.

VW GTI concept- A time machine

ID.GTI concept a time machine
ID.GTI concept – a time machine

Anyone who’s into cars knows what Volkswagen’s GTI is. The brand which is out of the market for now, was once the talk of the town. First launched in 1976, the GTI was actually a replacement for the beetle, but the car was an instant success. The GTI has gone through several phases and kind of faded away due to a lack of demand for hot hatches. However, the Golf GTI is still a fan-favorite car, so don’t be shocked to see your friend treated like a fast & furious character just because he owns one. The GTI concept shoulders the responsibility of the GTI brand along with some elements the old ones used to have.

VW GTI concept- The design

Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept
ID.GTI – Design

Now, electric cars have a bad rep for ruining the design/looks of their fuel-operated counterparts but the ID.GTI concept definitely isn’t one of them. It has a sharp and futuristic design of the original GTI, yet still maintains the OG 1976 GTI at its core, just like its predecessors. So, not only it’s emotional, but also an example of, “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”.  The GTI concept has large 20-inch alloy wheels with 245/35 performance tires and a wheelbase of 2,600mm.

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VW GTI concept- The interior

“With the ID. GTI Concept, we are showing what a great future the GTI philosophy has at Volkswagen.”

Andreas Mindt, Head of Design

The concept borrows some design elements from the traditional GTIs, including a 3-spoke steering wheel. The 1

The 10.9-inch digital display can be configured into “analog” mode, which resembles the cluster of the MK1 Golf GTI.

Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept
ID.GTI – Interior

The other 12.9-inch central screen is already in the near-production stage with its UI and menu structure and under that, you get an AC block and between that, there’s a practical thumbwheel, used to control the voice of the infotainment system.

It also projects a heads-up display with a new data spectrum with the help of augmented reality.

Once the GTI mode is activated, it gets a special GTI button on the steering wheel, background lighting, and the color inside changes to GTI red Turbo.

VW GTI concept- Will it launch in India?

Recently, the VW ID.4 GTX was spied on Indian roads but no confirmation is there for its release here yet. But given their dedication and investment in the Indian market, VW will most likely launch the ID series here. But it’s safe to say the car’s not coming anytime soon and once it drops, it might be very expensive for a hatchback.