Toyota Hilux Champ break cover globally

Toyota finally unveiled the Hilux Champ pickup and it’s the first model to be based on the brand’s new IMV 0 platform. A few days back we reported that the IMV 0 Pickup truck might be the Toyota Hilux Champ on its debut. The Pickup truck has been unwrapped in Thailand and it will first go on sale there followed by other markets like Africa, Indonesia and South America.

Toyota Hilux Champ IMV

Toyota Hilux Champ – The Shapeshifting Pickup

The Hilu Champ is the second and latest addition to Toyota’s Hilus lineup and it has been introduced as a customizable vehicle with as many as 10 configs, depending upon the market and user’s needs. That means the Hilux Chamo can be customized as per the buyer’s need by 3rd party car body-builders except for the platform and some other mechanicals of the truck. It’s basically a shapeshifting pickup truck if you think about it.

The Pickup is aimed at customers who are looking for an affordable solution to the Hilux since the OG Hilux has gone higher in both size and price. Previously the Hilux Champ was displayed as the IMV 0 Concept at the Japan Mobility Show and as the Toyota Rangga concept in Indonesia before that. This model was also displayed in the Philippines since there is a huge demand for customizable vehicles.

Toyota Hilux Champ rear

Coming to the specs, the Hilux Champ comes with two wheelbase options – the SWB option which is 4.9 metres long, 1.8 metres wide and 1.8 metres tall and a 2,750 mm wheelbase. The LWB one is 5.3 metres long and has a 3,085 width and height identical to the SWB version. Both versions get a 180 mm ground clearance.

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The Hilux Champ gets 3 engine choices in total – A 2.4-litre diesel good for 150 hp and either 350 Nm (5-speed MT) or 400 Nm (6-speed Auto) of Torque and the other two are naturally aspirated 4-cylinder petrol engines with one being a 2.0-litre unit that produces 130 hp and 183 Nm of Torque and the other one is a 2.7-litre engine that produces 166 hp and 245 Nm of Torque. There are also rumours of a strong hybrid petrol option that’s on its way to selected markets.

Hilux champ interior

Now, Will it make it to India? We don’t know and there’s no official information regarding this from Toyota. However, since the IMV 0 Platform is a ladder frame unit meant for developing markets, we might see an affordable version of the Fortuner here.