Tata unveiled Nexon facelift 2.0

The Nexon got its first refresh in 2020, after its launch in 2017 and is the first Indian car to get a 5-star crash test rating from the global NCAP.

Tata Nexon Facelift
Tata Nexon facelift

2023 Tata Nexon facelift

Facelifts are a common trend in the automotive industry nowadays. Every brand does it. But two major facelifts of the same car? That’s quite unheard of. Well, not every car is the best-selling SUV in the country for 2 years. Yes, I am talking about the Nexon, which recently got its second facelift.

But with a car so successful, comes the weight of hope and expectations. Tata knows this and made some major changes in the car starting from the exterior to the interior and even added some new features.

2023 Nexon- exterior

The new Nexon has been neatly updated. There’s a new cowl, bonnet, and fenders. The car also gets DRLs in a new sleek design, which looks very cool. The main projector lamps and fog lights sit inside wide brackets on either side of the car.

It also gets a new 16-inch alloy wheel and a spoiler has now been integrated which conceals the rear wiper. The rear lights now get a connecting band that swipes when you lock or unlock the car.

tata Nexon Facelift exterior

2023 Nexon- Interior and features

Nexon’s interior has been revised, and it’s now a treat to be inside the car. The dashboard has a clean design now with lines and layers which looks premium and is further enhanced by a faux carbon-fibre finish on the band where the vents are placed.

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The steering wheel is also new, with a rectangular flat design with Tata’s logo in the middle that glows and adds a wow factor to it.

The new Nexon also gets twin high-resolution 10.25-inch screens which are quite sharp and clear and a fully digital instrument panel, which works great. Tata also added Porsche-like capacitive touch buttons mounted on a gloss black “glass” surface, which adds well to the already sophisticated dashboard.

The new Nexon also gets body-colored seats on selected models, a 9-speaker JBL audio system with a subwoofer, a Voice assistant that activates with “Hello Tata”, a tire pressure monitoring system, and more. Even the top variants get emergency call buttons on the roof (which honestly should have been included in every model), knitted roof liners, and cruise control.

Tata Nexon facelift Interior 1
Tata Nexon facelift Interior

2023 Nexon – Performance

I know this is the part that most people look at nowadays, and the Nexon does a decent job here.

Tata Nexon facelift Performance 1
Tata Nexon facelift engine

The turbo-petrol engine makes around 120hp like the earlier Nexon variants, but the difference this time is that the Nexon comes with a twin-clutch automatic.

The initial acceleration isn’t strong here, and a few jerks can be felt here and there, but once you go past, say, 1500 it becomes quite smooth and jerk-free. The gearbox isn’t quick enough and that’s also a drawback.

But rivals do offer better performance and punch than the Nexon.

The diesel engine gets 115hp and is relatively smooth when idle, unlike it’s petrol twin. There’s also lag present below 1,500 Rpm but it pulls past that quite confidently.

Tata definitely needs to work on the gearbox, which needs your constant attention when riding daily and can be quite frustrating sometimes.

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Nonetheless, the update Nexon got this time is surely great. It was already a great-to-ride, comfortable, practical SUV nad even though it’s yet to see it’s real-world standing against its class rivals, it definitely has the potential to defend its title of the best-selling SUV.

The estimated price of the Nexon is somewhere from Rs. 8lacs – Rs. 14lacs.