Tata confirms Punch Facelift for 2025

Tata Punch is confirmed to get a facelift sometime in 2025. The announcement was made alongside the recent launch of the Punch EV by the MD of Tata Motor’s Passenger Vehicles Unit Shailesh Chandra who pointed out the fact that a typical facelift period is 3 years, and since the Punch was launched in 2021, it will be getting a facelift by the end of 2025.

Tata Punch facelift Current Punch Image used for representation

Tata Punch Facelift Expectations

The Punch Facelift will most likely follow its bigger siblings Harrier and Nexon facelifts when it comes to design, meaning we can expect the C-SUV to get fresh design elements to make it more in line with the newer/updated Tata models. As with most facelifts, the front fascia including the grille, bumpers, headlamps and other minor tweaks at the rear profile and interior are expected to be revised.

The overall design of the Punch facelift will help it and its recently launched Punch EVs have their own identities while almost looking the same, similar to the Nexon and Nexon EV facelifts. Shailesh Chandra also added the Punch will have differences in features between the upcoming petrol and recent EV variants.

Tata Punch EV front

This brings us to the question – What will be different in terms of features? Well, the Punch will most likely follow the Nexon twins, where the Nexon EV gets some extra and exclusive features such as a larger 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system as opposed to the 10.25-inch unit on the ICE version. Also, the Nexon EV gets an electronic parking brake while the ICE Nexon gets a manual one.

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The Nexon EV also gets all-wheel disc brakes, a welcome and goodbye animation on the front DRLs, a puncture repair kit, OTA updates and connected car features, which the ICE Nexon lacks.

Under the hood of Tata Punch

Apart from this, since this is a mid-lift facelift and not a full-fledged Generational update, expect no changes in powertrain options. Currently, the Punch comes with a 1.2-litre petrol engine and CNG options, so these will likely be carried over to the Punch Facelift.