Renault Targets 2025 Launch for Kwid EV, Priced Below ₹10 Lakh

Renault plans to introduce the Kwid EV, with a price tag that’s comfortably under Rs 10 lakh. This isn’t just any electric vehicle; it’s built on the robust foundation of the existing Kwid, a model that’s already a familiar sight on Indian roads. But, expect some surprises. The electric version promises to sport a fresh look, with revamped bumpers, lights, and a grille that screams “I’m electric!”

Kwid EV Price

Renault Kwid EV might just sport a price tag that’s comfortably below Rs 10 lakh, setting it up to lock horns with the likes of Tata Tiago EV, Citroen eC3, and the MG Comet. Quite a line-up of competitors, I must say!

Kwid EV 2025 MotoMotar
Kwid EV 2025 MotoMotar

For those who keep tabs on global auto trends like I do, you’d know the Kwid EV isn’t a newbie. It’s been making waves in China and Europe, albeit under different monikers like Dacia and Dongfeng. So, what’s the big deal for the Indian consumer? Well, it’s the tantalizing blend of rock-bottom running expenses, competitive pricing, ample cabin space, and that snazzy crossover design.

In a candid tete-a-tete, Renault India’s head honcho, Venkatram Mamillapalle, spilled some beans. “Our Indian EV is anchored around the CMF-A platform. We’re eyeing a 2024 or 2025 debut, though we’re hustling to get it out sooner. But, you know, timelines in this biz can be a tad slippery,” he mused. He also let slip that the initial localisation level for Renault’s maiden Indian EV would hover around 55-60%. But here’s the juicy bit – Renault is chomping at the bit to source batteries and cells locally, aiming to make their EVs more affordable and, by extension, more popular.

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Renault Kwid EV Specifications

Now, for those who, like me, have their ears to the ground, the Kwid EV isn’t a fresh face. It’s been zipping around European streets, boasting a 26.8 kWh battery pack that promises a range of about 295 km (WLTP cycle). With an electric motor belting out 43 BHP and 125 Nm, it’s quite the performer.

However, a little birdie hinted that while the Indian Kwid EV will share its European sibling’s platform, we might see some nifty tweaks in the battery and motor specs.