Maruti eVX SUV Launch Delayed

Maruti Suzuki eVX’s launch is going to be delayed by a few months since the brand is currently trying to address multiple issues related to battery supplies and software which has delayed the start of production by at least 5 months.

Maruti eVX launch delayed

Maruti eVX SUV Launch Delayed – In Detail

The Start of production of the eVX SUV will most probably move from Sep 2024 to Feb 2025 at the earliest, which would also push its export to Japan and Europe from end-2024 to next year. If customers are feeling down due to the late debut of the eVX, remember that the consequences of this delay are also being felt deeply by Suzuki since eVX will now be a late entrant to Europe’s competitive EV market which might affect the overall sales of the EV SUV.

This unexpected and unfortunate delay towards the end of the EV’s development cycle is also caused by the issues of the Software development in the EVs due to the increased complexity of the electric powertrains, advanced features and the need for never-ending upgrades. Suzuki wanted to enter the EV space for the first time with the right preparations for both product and distribution ends, so they delayed the start of production by a few months to ensure a seamless product launch and distribution (Some car companies need to take notes).

The delay also means the Toyota EV based on the eVX will likely witness a change in its launch plans. Suzuki is also likely to sell all of its EVs (upcoming) from its premium NEXA outlets after launch.

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There are Upcoming EVs From Maruti Suzuki?

Yes, Maruti Suzuki has come up with a long-term plan of launching 6 new Electric cars in the country by FY31 in multiple segments, starting from hatchbacks all the way to SUVs. The brand predicts that 15% of its total sales by the end of this decade will be from EVs.

The eVX will shortly be followed by the YMC MPV and EV hatchback based on the eWX concept, showcased last year at the Japan Mobility Show. Although Maruti Suzuki has been constantly being critiqued for its late entry into the EV market despite being the market leader, it has spent all these years to localize parts since it plans to manufacture its models in India for global operations.

Maruti EV PLAN

The brand also stated that it’s entering the EV segment at the right time as the market share for electrics has reached 3-5%. The company’s EV debut will happen around the same time Mahindra launches a whole lineup of born EVs and Hyundai brings the Creta EV to the market.

New Gen Maruti Swift

The delay is also justified considering Maruti Suzuki has been working on a large product lineup of over 24 models so its R&D department is constantly overburdened and busier than before. The company has launched 8 new models in the last 2 years and is currentlprepping to launch the new-gen Swift and Dzire, which was spotted with a first-in-class sunroof.