Mahindra vision Thar.e concept- new take on the classic off-roader

The future is electric and Mahindra is fully into it. First the BE and XUV.e line-up and now the 5-door electrified concept of the Thar.

Mahinra Thar.e
Mahindra Vision Thar.e Concept

Mahindra has been on a new path and the direction is of innovation and new styles. With its plans to bring new EV cars by 2026, there’s no doubt the brand is not afraid of failures or criticisms anymore. After all, when you bring a whole new design of a classic people’s favorite car, you either get a pat for your work or you get criticized for ruining it. That’s the case with Thar, which recently got a new variant concept that’s not only fully electric but also gets a whole new design and goes by the name ‘Thar.e’.

Thar.e- exterior

The Thar.e concept looks to have good ground clearance and wheel travel, thanks to its baja-like suspension. The surface is made up of flat panels with corrugations and exposed hinges for the doors and also the upright form, boxy look, and squared-off fenders give it a very badass off-roader look.

The new front consists of squared headlight units set in a rectangular grille with three LED elements and a chunky front bumper that completes the look.

The rear section has been now made to look more compact, with the wheels outside the main body line.

Thar.e rear
Thar.e rear

Thar.e- interior

The Thar concept gets a flat dashboard and a 3-spoke steering. There’s also a central touchscreen and a screen that shows like live status of your car, just like in fighter Jets.

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Thar.e Interior
Thar.e- Interior

Thar.e- platform, battery and range

Unlike the current Thar, the concept EV will use a modified version of Mahindra’s INGLO platform which uses a skateboard platform, that places the battery between the wheels. Thar.e is said to have a wheelbase between 2,775mm and 2,975mm.

The Thar.e will likely be using the more powerful batteries from VW, unlike its other EV siblings, which will use batteries and motors from BYD Auto. The VW batteries currently produce 80KW and 210KW from front and rear axles, but the numbers are subject to change.

According to Mahindra, the bigger 80KW battery should return a range of 435 km to 450km if driven properly.

Thar.e- Expected launch timeline

Mahindra has 5 cars to launch under its two EV brands by 2026 which is a very huge task. So, the Indian carmaker has its schedule packed for the upcoming years, so it’s better not to expect the Thar.e concept on the roads anytime soon. It all depends on what decision Mahindra takes according to how the market reacts to see the classic jeep as an electric off-roader.