Mahindra to launch 5 EVs by 2026

Mahindra has officially dropped the news that the brand is on the way to introducing as many as five electric vehicles by as early as October 2026.

Mahindra’s electric future

Mahindra EV SUV Lineup
Mahindra EV SUV Lineup

The Indian carmaker unveiled its plans to invest over USD 1 billion and while showcasing the car models, the company announced a commitment of Rs. 10,000 Cr to the EV business. Mahindra further raised Rs. 1,925 crores at a valuation of up to Rs. 70,070 crores from the British International Investment into its electric four-wheeler business.

Singapore-based Equity Fund Temasek recently announced an investment of Rs. 1,200 Cr into Mahindra Electric Automobile LTD for a 1.49% to 2.97% stake.

“We have a very exciting portfolio and it is on track. It is something that is attracting investors into our EV business. We have been able to get a second investor at a much higher valuation.” 

Rajesh Jejurikar, executive director of auto & farm Sectors at the Mahindra Group

Mahindra to launch 5 EVs

So, Mahindra listed out the cars they will be introducing under two of their EV brands, the already existing XUV and the new BE.

The Firstborn is going to XUV.e8, which sounds like a maths equation but it’s not. It’s likely based on the XUV700 but the car is 45mm longer, 10mm wider and 5mm taller than its ICE counterpart. The 80kwh battery will likely pack somewhere between the solid range of 230hp to 350hp. The car is stated to launch in December 2024.

Mahindra XUV.e8 1
Mahindra XUV.e8

Next up, we have the XUV.e9 which may launch by April 2025. The car will be an EV version of the XUV900, a coupe version of the XUV700 which is in development. Power figures are expected to be the same as the e8 SUV.

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From here the cars will have the BE tag on them. The first one is going to BE.05, which was recently spotted testing in India. The SUV will rival the also upcoming Tata Curvv. The SUV is likely to be market ready by Oct 2025.

Now, here’s the most interesting one out of its 5 siblings. The BE Rall-E (sounds like Be Rally) is a more off-road focused vehicle. This SUV receives cladding on the body, chunky off-road tires, and a roof-mounted carrier that differentiates it from any EV that’s available in India. The EV is expected to launch around the same time as the BE.05, October 2025.

Mahindra BE RALL E
Mahindra BE RALL-E

The last but not the least (hopefully) vehicle is the BE.07, which is marginally larger than the BE.05, but since it’s the same platform, the wheelbase is identical. The car is expected to be production-ready by 2026.

Mahindra’s INGLO skateboard platform

It’s not right to talk about just the new cars and not the platform they are built upon. All the upcoming Mahindra’s EVs will be built on the INGLO skateboard platform. The platform will use both Blade and Prismatic cell structures with a battery capacity of 60-80 kWh and will be compatible with fast charging of up to 175kW. Vehicles built on this platform can also have both the 2WD and 2WD models.