List of Tech brands with their own Smart EVs

Xiaomi recently took the internet and car community by storm by entering the Electric vehicle space with their first-ever electric sedan. But they aren’t the first to do so. Here is a list of smartphone brands that have entered the EV market with their own “smart” EVs.


Xiaomi sedan front

Starting with the most recent one, tech giant Xiaomi is preparing to roll out their first ever electric sedan lineup called the “SU7” which will come in 3 variants – SU7, SU7 Pro and SU7 Max. Xiaomi will also try and bring its smartphone magic by integrating the cars with its HyperOS, which is a phone operating system. The car will come in 2 versions – RWD and AWD with the former having 295 hp and the latter having 663 hp.


Sony Honda Afeela EV

Sony and Honda, the two Japanese tech brands have teamed up to create EVs that will combine cutting-edge tech and unique design. While Honda will do what they have been doing for years which is making the car, Sony will be the “brains” of this operation and will take care of the AI, entertainment and virtual reality systems.

The two companies unveiled their EV prototype called Afeela at Sony’s presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas. The Afeela will compete with other premium brands such as BMW, Volvo, Audi and Mercedes.


Huawei car

Huawei is another tech company that upgraded itself and now along with their usual range of products like smartphones, they also make cars now. Huawei has plans to be a supplier in tech like car operating systems and branch into the EV market and to achieve this dream, it teamed up with at least 5 other automakers to launch a whole bunch of electric cars that will sport cutting-edge tech.

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One such EV is the Aito M7 SUV which has been a huge success and up to 80,000 cars have been made in the first 50 days for this car. Recently, the Avatr 12 and Luxeed S7, a luxury coupe and sedan made by Huawei made their debut and boast advanced assisted-driving features.


Ola car teaser

Founded by Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola is one of India’s most successful startups which popularly provides cab services in India. In 2021, Ola stepped into the EV space with its subsidiary Ola Electric and introduced Ola S1 and S1 Pro, both of which became quite a success.

Now the company plans to venture into the electric cars market which was teased by Bhavish Aggarwal himself on Twitter and it was a futuristic design with a unique design. Interestingly, some latest patent images showed a sedan with a coupe-like style which resembles the Tesla.


Apple car imagined

For years, Apple has been trying out various automotive projects under the title “Project Titan”. The Apple car is one such famous concept of that project that has garnered quite some attention over the years. It was supposed to rival Tesla back in 2015 with the “Apple Ecosystem” Integrated with it, however, it shifted to the goal of creating a customized infotainment system that Apple can sell to other car makers. Quite a clever move I would say. Though there have been rumours about the restart of the Apple Car’s production, it’s very much possible for the Car to never see the light of the day.


Micromax EV imagined

You probably didn’t expect it right? Well, Micromax, which left the smartphone quite some time ago and made a rather mediocre comeback, who would have expected the brand to get into Electric vehicles? Well, it is reported that the brand is planning to enter the EV space with two-wheelers. There’s been a new company incorporated named “Micromax Mobility” which hints at the company’s next project, and also to start working on the new project, one of its offices in Gurugram is being renovated.