Citroen Basalt Coupe SUV Reveal on March 27

Citroen Basalt Coupe SUV’s exterior design is all set to officially debut on March 27 as confirmed by the French carmaker. The SUV Coupe which was previously known as the C3X is the second C-segment from the brand and will be placed slightly above the C3 Aircross SUV. The interior of the Basalt will be revealed at a later date.

Citroen Basalt

As mentioned earlier, the Basalt will be placed above the C3 Aircross SUV which is rather practical and has your typical SUV blueprint. Coupe-SUV crossovers seem to be becoming a new trend in the automobile since more and more brands are coming up with models like these. Even Indian brands like Maruti and Tata have Coupe-SUVs such as the Fronx and Curvv (Yet to launch) and we are not complaining, simply because the designs of all these cars look beautiful and eye-catching.

Basalt reveal

The upcoming Basalt will be similar to the C3 Aircross in many ways including the powertrain and few body parts, although the Basalt will offer a 4-door Coupe-like design with a high riding stance and will be a direct competitor to the upcoming Tata Curvv SUV Coupe. Just like the C3 Aircross, the Coupe-SUV will be based on the CMP modular platform and will get a similar nose with premium touches like additional chrome to differentiate from the C3 Aircross

C3 Aircross

Judging by the teaser released by Citroen, the Basalt will sport a stylish slant-aback profile with its coupe-like roofline merging with a short boot-lid quite elegantly. We can also spot a cool taillamp design which looks quite similar to the premium C3 hatchback (Euro-Spec). The Basalt will further get a lift-back tailgate similar to the Skoda Superb.

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In India, the upcoming Basalt X will be powered by the same 110hp, 1.2-litre turbo-petrol engine that powers both the C3 AIrcross and C3 Hatchback. This unit will be mated with either a manual or a torque converter automatic transmission. Citroen will also launch an EV-based Basalt after the ICE variant.