BMW iX1 EV to debut on September 28, Pricey?

BMW iX1 has been recently announced and this electric SUV is based on the new X1, BMW’s best-selling SUV in 2023. The EV will launch on September 28. And it’s called affordable and economical by the brand. But it might be expensive initially.

BMW iX1: Similar to the X1

The Electric SUV looks similar to its ICE counterpart. What differentiates them is that the EV has blue accents on the bumpers, grille and side steps. On the inside, the iX1 comes loaded with features including a 10.25 driver’s display, a 10.7-inch touchscreen, BMW’s curved digital information display system with touch and voice control, Navigation support, a Central console, parking assistant, wireless charging, an optional panoramic sunroof and more.

BMW iX1 Interior

The SUV is also spacious and has a good boot space which can be further increased by features like folding floor inserts and adjustable rear seat backrests.

BMW iX1: Driving Dynamics and Powertrain

As per Claims by BMW, the iX1 has a range of 439 Km, while a recharge of 120 km takes only 10 minutes and up to 80% of the range in just under 30 minutes. The numbers are quite good and expected from the premium brand. The Charging itself is also convenient since you can charge your SUV anywhere from your house to your workplace. You can also receive your EV’s charging status through the My BMW App.

BMW iX1 Powertrain

The BMW iX1 is equipped with a 66.5kWh Lithium-ion battery that is capable of fast charging up to 120 kW. What’s interesting is that in order to extend your range by 120 km, you have to get a 3-year complimentary subscription to the Chargefox network, and then they let you use their Ultra Rapid DC charging stations. Peak business.

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Now back to the powertrain, there are two motors, and so the EV SUV produces a solid 313 hp and 494 Nm. The SUV is capable of going 0-100 kph in just 5.6 seconds (BMW claims) and has a top speed of 180 km.

BMW iX1: Affordable but not cheap

BMW current India EV line up
BMW’s current India EV lineup

The BMW iX1 is the most affordable family SUV from the brand, but it’s still pricey. The price is expected to be under 65 lakhs and will rival SUVs like the Volvo XC40 recharge which is priced cheaper at Rs 56.9 lakh. The car will likely be a CBU unit so expect the price to be on the higher side and buyers would rather go with some other choices than pay a premium for an SUV that has more or less the same features and feel. But BMW might take the same route it took with its ICE variant.

The SUV’s price is closer to that of the BMW 6 series, the latter recently got a new trim at Rs 75.90 lakh. When it comes to EVs, the iX1 is the brand’s 4 fourth electric car following the iX SUV, i4 sedan and i7 luxury sedan.