Aston Martin’s First EV Postponed to 2026

Aston Martin has postponed the launch of its first-ever electric car from 2025 to 2026 due to low demand in the market. The company’s plan was to launch a high-riding, 4WD GT EV by next year, however, chairman Lawerance Stroll confirmed that the plan has been delayed due to the consumer demand being different from expected when the plan was first outlined 2 years ago.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin’s First EV Delayed – What Exactly Happened?

Stroll has confirmed that Aston Martin currently has 4 EVs designed but stopped going any further with their plan to transition from a pure ICE lineup to a full EV lineup. Currently, the lineup consists of 3 front-engined sports cars and the DBX SUV, but the company is not willing to share any details regarding the BEVs as of yet.

Confirming that the first EV will come after a year than what was planned, Stroll stated that the reason for the delay is the lack of consumer demand which was expected by analysts and officials. Although the company believes that the EV will see the light of day in the future and won’t just fade out, there is a slight delay in the project for now.

For its transition from Pure ICE to EV lineup, Aston Martin plans to use Plug-in-Hybrids as a technology to create a bridge for the customers. The brand’s first PHEV is the Valhalla supercar, which uses an electrified V8, provided by Mercedes-AMG.

Aston Martin Valhalla
Aston Martin Valhalla

The company feels as stated by Stroll, that there are people who want some electrification but still want that sports car feel, noise and smell and that’s why the hybrid tech is going to last longer in the market, particularly for brands like Aston Martin. Furthermore, the upcoming EVs will use 4 motors with two at the front axle and two at the rear and will generate a combined output of up to 1,500 hp.

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