2024 Nissan Magnite facelift: Lone Warrior

Nissan Magnite facelift is in the works by the brand as part of its “sustenance plan”, before Nissan India brings its midsize SUVs to our country in 2025. The Japanese carmaker will keep on refreshing the C-SUV over the next 2 years. This is basically Nissan’s strategic plan to use the Magnite to single-handedly hold the fort for the brand in India until its much-anticipated introduction of new C-segment SUVs in 2025.

Magnite facelift

Magnite Facelift – More details

This Magnite facelift will not only enhance the design of the car, it also promises a comprehensive overhaul in features and the launch is likely to happen somewhere in mid-2024. The launch date of the SUV perfectly aligns with the introduction of the new SUVs in 2025, which shows just how much Nissan has studied the Indian Consumer’s increased preference towards refreshed and feature-rich vehicles. As part of Nissan’s plans to expand business worldwide from India, the brand will begin exporting the Magnite facelift to Left Hand Drive markets like Mexico, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

The Iconic Sunny lives on

To optimize the production facilities in India, Nissan has opted to extend the life of its sunny sedan. While the extension is aimed toward exports to the Middle East, it also ensures a consistent presence of the brand in the Indian market, where the Magnite stands as the lone warrior by Nissan. Also, it helps Nissan position for the upcoming introduction of new models, contributing to the company’s long-term sustainability and growth in India.

Nissan sunny


What also has taken the spotlight are Nissan’s powertrain options. The company is currently considering the following options – CNG, BEVs, and E-power Hybrid Technology. Nissan has made a commitment to research and investment in a range of tech, which aims to adapt to both the regulatory landscapes and changing needs of Indian consumers.

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Nissan Powertrain tech
Nissan Powertrain tech

Nissan’s CPO predicts the future

According to Nissan Motor Corporation Chief Planning Officer Francois Bailly, India is becoming an important part of Nissan’s global strategy. As acknowledged by Bailly, India is the 3rd largest and fastest-growing automobile market and that too in a consistent manner. Nissan aims to put its roots more deep inside India’s flourishing automotive ecosystem and Bailly even predicts a future where India is not just a market anymore, but a crucial hub for Nissan’s global operations.

Magnite rear

Nissan is now showing its commitment to handling the changing dynamics of the Indian car industry and is ready to become a more active player in the market by making calculated moves, such as bringing the Magnite facelift soon. The brand has also started exporting India-made Magnite AMT in foreign markets like South Africa.