OLA Electric Removable Battery Patented in India

OLA Electric has recently patented a removable battery pack in India that could potentially power the brand’s future EVs. The patent image shows a rectangular box with a grab handle at the top which looks a little different from the swappable battery packs of the other electric 2-wheeler manufacturers. The patented image strongly indicates OLA’s potential entry towards the swappable battery segment.


OLA Electric Patents Swappable Battery Packs

At the same time, the removable battery pack suggests OLA Electric’s venture into the shared mobility space. The Swapple battery packs offer benefits like reduced downtime with the vehicle does not needing to remain stationary for more than a few minutes to swap out the used battery with a charged one.

Considering OLA working on its new electric 3-wheeler lineup, the swappable batteries make complete sense and would be very different to the brand’s electric scooter range which uses a fixed battery system.

Currently, Honda is already using removable batteries in the electric 3-wheelers in a few markets. Yuma Energy is also another brand which is running swappable batteries on its EVs as part of the last-mile mobility option. Apart from these, Hero Motocorp’s Vida is the only mainstream EV brand for now to use this tech but instead of being swapped immediately for new fully-charged units, its batteries can be taken home for charging.

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