CFMoto previews the new 500SR and 675SR

CFMoto recently showed us a glimpse of two upcoming multi-cylinder bikes at the 2023 CFMoto Day festival. The first one is the 500SR (in blue) which is powered by an inline 4-cylinder engine while the other one is the 675SR (in red), powered by an inline triple motor.

Both the 500SR and 675SR will likely be put in the spotlight at EICMA in November.

CFMoto 500SR and 675SR – Potential design

Despite being under wraps, both the bikes appear to have angular fairings, multiple layers with creases and sharp cuts, twin headlight setups, upside-down forks and monoshock and twin front discs. Overall, the bike will likely have a very mean and aggressive styling.

CFMoto 500SR

CFMoto 500SR and 675SR – Performance

Though most details regarding the powertrain and performance are still under wraps, the company revealed that the 500SR has a Ram air system and can achieve a top speed of over 230 kph. The engine reportedly has aluminium pistons and a low-inertia crankshaft.

Meanwhile, the bigger 675SR will get a claimed 100 Nm-per litre torque which is around 67 Nm. As per CFMoto, the bike will also sport a 100 hp power mark and on the basis of torque, it will compare with the likes of MV Augusta F3 675 and Triumph Daytona 675, both of which have a higher torque than the 675SR.  The engine design on this bike is basically the 449.5 cc parallel-twin from the 450SR, only the capacity is now boosted to 675 cc, or 674.2 cc if it shares the same 72 mm bore and 55.2 mm stroke as the 450.

CFMoto 675SR

CFMoto 500SR and 675SR – Launch details

Both bikes are expected to launch by next year, although there are no official details revealed by CFMoto except a statement that these new bikes will be launched in different markets. Both the sportbikes will likely start their journey from Malaysia same as the 450SR, but only time will tell.

CFMoto 450SR
CFMoto 450SR

Talking about India, it’s kind of debatable whether these models will reach our shore considering the sentiments and age-old assumptions regarding Chinese products in India. On the other hand, with a sudden surge in the sports bike segment here, it’s very possible and expected for CFMoto to not miss this opportunity. Also, there’s a chance for the brand to retain customers in India considering KTM has acquired it and if the company manages to erase the classic “unreliable product” mindset from the minds of Indian buyers.

CFMoto Lineup in India
CFMoto Lineup in India

If launched in India, the 500SR will rival the likes of the upcoming Aprilia RS 457, while the bigger 675SR will have to compete against the Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R, which is also making a comeback in India.

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