Xiaomi SU7 Visits India, Will it launch here?

Why is the Xiaomi SU7 here?

This fully electric sports sedan has been showcased in India to celebrate its 10 years in the country.

Not just a Smartphone maker

The SU7 highlights Xiaomi's capabilities beyond just a global tech giant as a new carmaker.

SU7 won't be Launched in India

Xiaomi SU7 is already on sale in China from March 2024. However, this EV is unlikely to come to India anytime soon since the brand currently has no plans for it.

Xiaomi SU7 Specifications

The electric sedan gets two different variants which promises up to 800 Km range on a single charge.

Xiaomi SU7 Performance

The Su7 is capable of going 0 to 100 kmph in less than 3 seconds with a top of speed of 265 Kmph.

Xiaomi SU7 Design

The Sedan's design seems to be influenced from Porsche Taycan EV like its LED headlights with sweptback panels & curvy front profile.

Xiaomi as a Automobile Brand

Altough the SU7 won't go live in India anytime soon, this electric sedan shows what this smartphone giant is capable of.

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