Top Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Alternatives in India

The Hunter 350 is the most affordable bike from RE & starts from Rs 1.50 Lakh (Ex-showroom). Although the bike is great, there are other options in the market buyers should check out.

About Royal Enfield Hunter 350

1. Honda CB350RS

The CB350RS is one of the most popular neo-retro roadster in India & a great alternative to the Hunter, abeit a bit more pricey @  Rs 2.15 Lakh (ex-sh).

2. Honda CB300R

Another Honda, the CB300R is also another great neo-retro streetfighter, starting at Rs 2.40 Lakh (ex-sh).

3. Triumph Speed 400

The Speed 400 is the most affordable model of the British brand in India & is quite a success here. It's priced at Rs 2.64 Lakh (ex-sh).

4. Harley-Davidson X440

The X440 directly competes with the Speed 400 & is the smallest Harley bike in India, priced at Rs 2.39 Lakh (ex-sh).

5. Hero Mavrick 440

The Neo-retro Mavrick is the 1st Hero 400cc bike & shares its platform with the Harley X440. The price tag is quite affordable at Rs 1.99 Lakh (ex-sh).

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