New Mini Cooper 5-door is here, Check it Out!

The New-Gen MINI Cooper 5-door has recently made its debut, introducing a practical version o the iconic hot hatch.

The new MINI Cooper 5-door exclusively gets petrol-powered engines over its 3-door alternatives.

The model retains the same design elemets including the larger grille, refreshed headlamps as well as the Union Jack themed LED taillamps.

The changes are more noticible after the B-piller with a 71 mm longer wheelbase, while the length has been expanded by 178 mm.

The extra doors make the second row more accessible while the legroom is better than the 3-door variant.

The boot capacity has also increased from 800 litres to 923 litres.

The cabin remains the same as the 3-door model including the 9.4-inch centre display, ambient lighting, toggle switches and more.

The MINI Cooper 5-door will come with two engine options - 1.5-litre turbo petrol & 2.0-litre turbo petrol.

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