Bajaj Freedom: 5 misconceptions About CNG Explained

1. CNG Tanks Burst

This fear regarding CNG cylinders exploding is common, but its a rare occurance. A CNG kit fitted by brand and authorized dealers are approved and safe.

2. CNGs Smell Bad

Natural Gas are odourless & colourless, hence you should'nt worry about your vehicle smelling bad. However, a chemical as added to CNGs for safety to find out if there's a leak.

3. CNGs Impact Performance

This was true few years ago, but nowadays there's little difference in driving/riding experience when CNG is used as fuel.

4. CNG Cylinders affect Boot Space

While not relevent to the Freedom Bike, it is usually true. But carmakers like Tata has placed the cylinders in such a way that ensures optimal cargo space.

5. CNG Kits Impact Warranty

True, after-market CNG kits leads to certrain warranty T&C violations. Also, the insurance amount increases a bit compared to normal vehicles.

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