5 Indian cars with The Best Support for Mods

Car Modification culture in India has been on a rise more than ever with people modifying their old cars to give them a new life. These are the top 5 cars in India which provides an excellent platform for mods.

1. Maruti Swift

The OG Hot Hatch of India, the Swift is one of the most desirable cars for modding since their are many bodykits & other upgrades avaliable. The platform is so good, there are people swapping engines for a power boost on their Swift.

2. Maruti Jimny

The Jimny, successor of the Jimny has been sold globally for quite some time now & hence, has a huge selection of parts. You can either opt to give the SUV a power boost or fit it with lift  kits, big wheels & tyres.

3. VW Polo

The Polo is one of the if not the most favourite car for modders in India. It has lots of parts avaliable & infact, there are Polos in India which has been modified into rally-like cars & other crazy setups with 2.0L EA888 engine. 

4. Maruti 800

The list is incomplete with the iconic Maruti 800 with its iconic cult-like following among modders in India, thanks to its great parts availability. People either prefer to add a bodykit or swap engines to give their 800 a power boost.

5. Honda Civic

Another fan-favourite, the Civic might have left India long ago, but this car is still running on Indian roads with  aftermarket sporty bodykits & swapped engines, making them more powerful than the base Civic ever was.

Honorable Mentions

1. The Toyota Fortuner is also another SUV people modify with flamboyant lightings and more. 2. You can also get the City instead of the CIvic In India, which also has wide array of parts avaliable.  3. In case, you want some off-roading ruggedness, you can go for Maruti Gypsy or Omni for modifications, although they might not be everyone's cup of tea.

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